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How many types of cement available in Malaysia?

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MS EN197

MS EN197

Cement not only one type, Portland Cement.

In the past, we called Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

There are total 5 types of cement complying


  1. CEM I
  2. CEM II
  3. CEM III
  4. CEM IV
  5. CEM V

From these 5 main types, there are total 27 types of cement in the list (attached).

MS522, MS1388, MS1389 & MS1227 were obsoleted and replaced by MS EN 197.

However, below are the cement type available in Malaysia

  • Portland Cement
  • Portland Slag Cement
  • Blastfurnace Cement
  • Portland Fly Ash Cement
  • Portland Composite Cement
  • Masonry Cement

Either Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GGBS) or Fly Ash is added in concrete or both.

These are recycle materials.

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  1. shukri
     /  Reply

    How comparable are these 26 type of cement against OPC in term of flexural/tensile strength?

    • bluefire6
       /  Reply

      Hi Shukri,

      Factor affecting the tensile strength are

      a) Aggregate

      b) Age

      c) Curing

      d) Air-Entrainment

      e) Method of Test

  2. Beyond
     /  Reply

    MS EN 197-1:2014

    Cement – Part 1: Composition,
    specifications and conformity criteria for
    common cements
    (First revision)

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