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In term of low temperature, GGBS or Fly Ash better?

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In Malaysia, for temperature control, both partial substitution of Portland Cement (OPC) with Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GGBS) and Fly Ash reduces heat generation.

However, the level of GGBS substitution can be higher, thus the reduction of temperature is higher then Fly Ash.

For example, for a 2m thick section, a 30% Fly Ash replacement will yield a temp rise of ~ 10deg C per 100 kg of cement (total), while a corresponding 70% GGBS replacement yields a lower temp rise of ~ 8deg C per 100kg of cement (total). This is expected as there is less OPC (30% of total cement) reacting in the early hours of hydration in the GGBS concrete mix.

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