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Type of cement used in Marine

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For type of cement to be used in marine conditions, there is the latest BS 8500-1:2006 + A1:2012.

In Malaysia, this British Standard is also adopted into MS 523-2:2011 Concrete Specification.

Please refer to the extract of BS 8500-1:2006 + A1:2012, marine conditions is under Exposure Classes XS1- XS3 (Table A.1) .

Hence, considering the most severe Class XS3 i.e. tidal, splash and spray zones then for durability requirements with intended working life of 50 years, the recommended cement type based on cover zone of 40 + delta c would be :-
–          CEM IIB-V, Portland-fly ash cement with fly-ash content 21-35%
–          CEM IIIA, Blastfurnace cement with ggbs content from 36-65%

Furthermore, based on extensive studies done in the past on marine environment, it’s found that a 50% GGBS replacement is sufficient to reduce chloride diffusion and significantly prevent corrosion of marine structures

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