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Blended Cement in Malaysia

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In Malaysia, regarding the cement specifications on use of blended cement with 25% Fly-Ash, cement supplier sometimes will propose on use of Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GGBS) as an alternative to Fly-Ash based on the logistic reasons, location of factory, stock available & etc.

25% Fly-Ash specified in the project will fall under CEM IIB-V Cement i.e. Portland Fly-Ash Cement. This is of similar performance as a CEM IIIA Blastfurnace Cement as discussed earlier.

And as a rule of thumb and by virtue of cement chemistry, a 25% Fly-Ash = 50% GGBS for equivalent performance.

CEM IIB-V Portland-Fly Ash Cement and CEM IIIA Blastfurnace Cement complies with MS EN 197-1: 2007.

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