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Passenger killed by Bus Driver, Thailand

The driver of a Bangkok shuttle bus who shot dead an Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) technician last Friday turned himself in to police on Tuesday and confessed the killing was motivated by deep-seated resentment of repeated criticism of his driving.


Rescue workers remove the body of Sophon Jiarapakanont, 55, a computer technician of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand from the bus where he was shot dead by the driver on July 17. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Sathit Jumthong, 40, the bus driver, surrendered to Pol Col Luesak Damnoensawat, chief of Bangkok’s Bang Phlad police station, on Tuesday to acknowledge a charge of murder. He was accompanied to Bang Phlad station by his wife Bussapa Yotpeng and their little son, Thai media reported.

Sophon, a C7 computer technician employed at the EGAT, received two fatal gunshot wounds in the chest and neck. The shot caused him died on the spot.

The gunshot awoke the other passengers, at which point Sathit wai’d them, police said.

“I’m sorry. This is personal,” he reportedly said before walking off the bus and hailing a taxi.


After staying at his relative’s house for two days, he moved to a hotel in Phutthamonthon Sai 4, the suspect said. He felt under pressure and was running out of money, and this finally drove him to surrender.

Mr Sathit told police he had shot Sophon because he had repeatedly criticised him over his driving. The man had faulted him for honking his horn loudly when driving past a woman, and also reprimanded him for bringing his wife and child along on the shuttle bus.

The victim had not only reprimanded him, but also his parents. Bottled up anger, coupled with drinking alcohol, drove him to shoot the man dead, Mr Sathit said.

The suspect was held in police custody for legal action.

Source: Bangkok Post & Coconuts Bangkok



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