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Kopitiam Milo Ais Expensive


Today 22 July 2015, i went to the Malaysian typical kopitiam (hawker stall restaurant) at Equine park, Seri Kembangan area ordered a cup of Milo ice and a plate of steam bread (Roti Steam). This kopitiam i didn’t come to having lunch here almost 3 to 4 month already this meant before implement of GST (Good Services Tax). So today i pass by and try to enjoying lunch here.

I was shock when the food and drink arrived. What i shock is about the billing price and i just want to say oh my goodness so expensive.

This 2 order (Food and drink) cost me about Rm5.10. Last time before implement of GST as i remember the Milo ice only cost me about Rm2.80 and the steam bread i not so remember. Now the Milo ice and the steam bread (Roti Steam) price at Rm3.11 and Rm1.69 respectively with GST included as shown on the photo.


Milo Ice and Steam Bread Price With GST

As standard calculation of 6% GST, the Milo ice Rm2.80 with additional 6% GST total price should be Rm2.968 but now the price is RM3.11 which is more than 6%. After my own calculation, the Milo ice was increase as much as 11%.

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11% increase it mean a lot to us. For example, normal office staff month salary are Rm1000. If they spend all the Rm1000 hard earn money on the daily use stuff/food/drink with 11% average increase in price after GST. This meant every Rm1000 spending will less Rm110 to spend. The Rm110 will go to GST and the business extra profit margin.

In conclusion, after GST please spend your hard earn money wisely. The more you spend, the more tax you have to pay.

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