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Why Carbon-Ceramic Brake Disks For High Performance Cars?


Carbon-Ceramic Brake Disks

High performance car typically have the carbon ceramic composite brake disc rather than regular cast iron brake disks. That kind of high powerful engine and performance car required light weight material and body as well as the dynamic body shape.

If the typical cast iron brake disks fit on the high performance wheel it will wear out too quickly and the cast iron too heavy indirectly will affect it performance while the carbon ceramic brake disks was a high heat resistance and approximately 50% light weight than cast iron disks.

Ceramic is heat resistance up to 1830 degree Fahrenheit ( 982 Celsius ) therefore the ceramic composite brake disc last about 60 X longer than standard cast iron brake disks.

Carbon-Ceramic Brake Disks Advantages

At the IAA (German – Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, English – International Automobile Exhibition)  in Frankfurt in 1999, the carbon-ceramic brake disk had its world premiere.

The use of the high-tech material had revolutionized the brake technology. In comparison to the conventional grey cast iron brake disk the carbon-ceramic brake disk weighed round 50 per cent less reducing the unsprung mass by almost 20 kilograms.

Further significant advantages are: improved brake response and fading data, high thermal stableness, no hot judder, excellent pedal feel, improved steering behavior, high abrasion resistance and thus longer life time and the advantage of avoiding almost completely brake dust (minimal brake dust).

Carbon-Ceramic Brake Disks Production video.

At first Porsche AG built the carbon-ceramic brake disk in 2001 into the 911 GT2 as series equipment. Since that time also other premium brands use the advantages of this innovative brake technology for more security and comfort. These are for example sports cars and luxury class limousines from Audi, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini.

Conclusion for Carbon-Ceramic brake disks are light weight, high heat resistance, minimal wear and brake dust. All this made it to excellent performance.

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