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Couple ‘had rowdy sex on kitchen floor in front of their crying children’

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A randy couple have been hauled in front of a court after allegedly having loud sex on the kitchen floor – as their crying children looked on.


Police were called to a disturbance at the family’s home in Springfield, Massachusetts, before finding it was less of a routine call than they were used to.

Officers said there were three visibly upset children, distressed at what was happening in front of their eyes.

The couple, Adis A. Negron, 30, and Elias Alicea, 38, were arrested and have since appeared in court, where they denied charges of open and gross lewdness.

A police report filed in the court revealed cops heard children crying and shouting inside the Haumont Terrace apartment on June 13.

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No one answered the door at first, before one of the children saw the officers outside and let them in, Masslive reports .

“The children were all visibly upset, crying, sobbing…tears rolling down their cheeks while looking at their … actions,” the report, filed with Springfield’s district court, said.

After seeing the officers, Alicea is said to have stood up and ordered his partner to get dressed.

“Babe, go put on some (obscenity) clothes; I don’t want the pigs to look at you,” he said before telling the officers to “get the (obscenity) out” of his apartment, police added.

Alicea then said: “I’m going to hurt someone if you don’t leave now.”

After a brief struggle, he was handcuffed and arrested.

When police asked why the couple was having sex in front of the children, Negron denied it, then looked away, the report said.

“Sorry, it just happened,” she said, adding that the couple had been drinking.

When told that police would file a child abuse report with the state Department of Children and Families, Negron responded: “It’s OK; they know who I am.”

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In addition to open and gross lewdness , Alicea was charged with resisting arrest.

The defendants were released and told to return to court on November 11.

Negron, who appeared in court Thursday, is pregnant, according to court records.

Source: Mirror



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