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19,555 Singaporean owe Johor police RM6.5 million (S$2.12 million)


A total of 31,110 motorists – both from Singapore and Malaysia – have until the end of January to pay off their outstanding fines, after which a large-scale arrest operation will be carried out, says Johor traffic chief Baharuddin Mat Taib. 

JOHOR BAHRU: A total of 31,110 motorists that have been issued arrest warrants for committing traffic offences in Johor – including Singaporeans – will have until the end of January to pay their respective outstanding fines, said Chief of Johor traffic police, Superintendent Baharuddin Mat Taib on Wednesday (Jan 6).

The fines amount to RM9.3 million (S$3 million), and the New Straits Times reported that Singaporeans owe RM6.5 million (S$2.12 million) of the amount.

Mr Baharuddin said police will soon be carrying out a large-scale arrest operation.

“I would like to remind the citizens of Johor and Singapore with summonses and arrest warrant to pay their summons before we carry out a large-scale arrest operation,” said Mr Baharuddin, adding that police will not compromise should there be any offenders who fail to pay their fines after the deadline.

“Called Op Warta, the operation will be determined soon and may be in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations,” he added in a press conference at the state police headquarters on Wednesday.

Throughout 2015, Malaysian police issued 489,947 summonses to traffic offenders across the country, a drop compared to 514,462 summonses the year before.

According to Mr Baharuddin, out of those summonses, only about 72,000 – worth RM21.8 million in total – were paid. The balance amount remains outstanding.

“The outstanding fines also include 19,555 summonses issued to Singaporean vehicles,” he said.

Mr Baharuddin said that in addition to Op Warta, police are also conducting operations Op Halangan, Op Mabuk, Op Had Laju and Op Lumba Haram in order to reduce traffic congestion and accident rate, as well as to serve as reminders to motorists.

The number of traffic accidents recorded in Johor last year was 67,037, with 991 causing the death of motorcyclists, motorcycle pillion riders and drivers.

Source: ChannalNewsAsia



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