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The Expendables 4: Casting Rumors, No Jackie Chan or Salman Khan, News, Updates

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It seems like the longer Sylvester Stallone keeps mum about the official cast of Expendables 4, the longer the list of actors who will be joining the movie.

So before adding a name to the growing list, let’s cut a few of them off first.

Jackie Chan. Almost as soon as his name was added in the list of Expendables 4, the Hong Kong based actor immediately quelled all rumors of his participation in the upcoming movie. Jackie Chan even said that Sylvester Stallone had invited him to join the franchise as early as the Expendables 2, but had since declined stating he’s more interested in a movie that the two of them can star in instead of a movie where he’ll just do a cameo.

Salman Khan. Ever since Salman Khan and Sylvester Stallone exchanged tweets where Stallone expressed interest in having Salman Khan join the Expendables 4, his name was always added in the list of actors who will be starring in the film.

Unfortunately, as early as November last year, Salman Khan has already voiced his hesitation in joining the franchise, stating, “I like to work in India a lot and I like to deliver dialogues in Hindi. Suddenly after Hindi dialogues for so many years if I say dialogues in English, it would look a bit weird. I’m very happy here.”

“They (Hollywood) work extremely hard but we don’t need to work that hard here. I’ll have to establish respect again and when I’m already receiving so much respect here then why? We work for respect; it’s taken so many years to earn respect here; so I don’t see any point,” Salman Khan added.

As for the names who are still neither confirmed nor denied, the list is pretty interesting and varied. There’s Pierce Brosnan who confirmed he was approached as early as 2014. Hulk Hogan also claims they initially talked about it, but no further updates were given. Hulk Hogan also admitted that he has yet to see a script. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has expressed interest in joining the Expendables franchise, but it is not confirmed if he was approached for a role.

Until any official announcements is released by either Sylvester Stallone, Nu Image, or Millennium Films, though, it’ll be healthier to take things with a grain of salt.




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