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Klang best and clean wet market

Mohd Yazid (left) conducting a spotcheck at the market in Klang. Image source:

Klang Municipal Council’s new president Datuk Mohd Yazid Bidin wants traders to maintain a high standard of cleanliness at the Meru wet market there.

Mohd Yazid, who had made three spot checks since last month, said the condition of the market was unbearable.

“I almost slipped after stepping on a rotten fruit that was on the floor.

“The traders throw fruit skins as well as vegetable waste beside their lots and this poses a safety hazard to customers,” he said.

While displaying their products on the concrete table of their lots, he said, the traders often threw waste material inside and outside their lots as well as on the walking path.

Mohd Yazid said he was stunned when the traders told him that they would clean their lots after the market was closed.

“I told them it is their responsibility to keep their lots and surroundings clean during business hours.

“In fact, they do not have to clean the market after it was closed for business because that is the contractor’s job,” he said.

Mohd Yazid said he had also told the traders association and warned that action would be taken against the traders if they do not buck up.

During the spots checks, he said 40 of the 404 traders had been issued with warnings and instructed to clean up their lots.

“Our team will pay them a visit on Monday and those flouting the regulation will be issued with a fine, a maximum of RM2,000 each,’’ he said.

Mohd Yazid said he meant business and would go all out to improve the cleanliness of the market complex.

Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, he said, would encourage more Klangites to patronise the market.

Mohd Yazid said raising the standard of cleanliness of the market was his priority along with the other premises owned by the council.

“We want to put our house in order before going to the private premises,” he said.




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