Saturday, 19/1/2019 | 9:36 UTC+8

Cameron Highlands landslide again

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CAMERON HIGHLANDS: A foreign worker was buried alive near a farm at Kampung 1 Pos Terisu here.

Kassim Munshi, 40, was trying to build a hut there when the landslide occurred at about 2am on Thursday.

Police chief Deputy Supt Muhammed Rizal Kamarudin said Kassim, from Dhaka, Bangladesh, was digging a hole in the ground prior to the incident.

“He was planning to build the hut as his living quarters.

“It was also raining at that time, causing soil to loosen, falling and burying him,” he said.

DSP Rizal said the police only received a call at 8.15am because no one had a telephone.

“The police sent out nine policemen and conducted the search operations with nine firemen.

“We managed to dig out the body at about 9.30am,” he said.

Source: TheStarOnline



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