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NZ: Woman was knocked down by a car

Image source: Photo / Steven McNicholl.

A dispute between two women – that started at a roundabout and involved rock-throwing and a foot-chase down the road – ended when one of the woman was run down by a car and pinned to a tree late this afternoon.

The fight started just after 4pm on Salisbury Road in Birkdale when a white car the women were in came to an abrupt half in the middle of a roundabout.

“They must have had a disagreement because one lady jumped out of her vehicle and started chasing the other lady up the road on foot,” one local resident told the Herald.

“There were queues of cars lined up behind the woman’s car after she got out.”
She said one of the women picked up a rock and threw it at the other as she tried to run away. She also saw punches being thrown.

“The one who was being chased lived next to the dairy and was running to her house.”
She said one lady was screaming at the other, “you shouldn’t have done it”.

The resident said neighbours had tried to calm the situation before it escalated but were unsuccessful.

“Nobody was expecting her to get in her car and run her down,” she said.

“We were so surprised when it happened.”

A 17-year-old resident who ran to the scene after seeing the drama unfold said the injured woman was in a great deal of pain.

“You could see her bones and her flesh,” he said.

“The injured woman was screaming and the one that was driving was like threatening to hurt her.”

“The driver was yelling at her saying ‘you broke my heart’.”

A man who was leaving a nearby dairy said he heard a “heated argument” with quite a bit of swearing, including one woman saying something along the lines of: “Bite your bollocks you prize prick”.

“And then the other lady got in the car and chased after the other one.”

The witness, who did not want to be named, said he quickly left before seeing any kind of impact.

“It was a bit of a shock, really, to be honest. Because you don’t really see that kind of stuff.



Image source: Photo / Steven McNicholl.

Another resident said he had heard the commotion from his house and went outside to see rocks being thrown. One hit a neighbour’s fence.

“It was just two Maori woman and they were arguing and the one was saying to the other ‘I’m going to smash you’.”

“I asked then to take their argument somewhere else. The one lady was just trying to defend herself.”

He went back inside but rushed back out when he heard the loud noise from the car hitting the tree soon after.


Image source: Photo / Steven McNicholl.

The man arrived at the scene to find the injured woman propped herself up against a fence.

“The first thing I did was call out to one of the customers at the dairy and told them to call the police.

He said he and another neighbour got in between the driver and the victim – who remained conscious the whole time – and tried to calm them down.

“Another neighbour went and got a cloth to cover the woman’s leg. The neighbours wife came to support the victim. The woman was awake the whole time.”

“Others helped with her and kept her calm by talking to her and that meant I could deal with the driver.”

“At one point she tried to get back in the car and get away.”

A St John Ambulance spokeswoman said the woman was taken to Auckland Hospital with moderate injuries.

Police say the driver was helping police with inquiries and no further information would be available until Sunday morning.




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