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  • S_05
    South Word Brand Lump Sugar Nutrition Facts

    South Word Brand Lump Sugar Nutrition Information   South Word Brand Lump Sugar Ingredients   South Word Brand Lump Sugar Manufacturer   South Word Brand Lump Sugar    Food Source: Malaysia Share us on:

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  • N_01
    Nutren untuk diabetik Nutrition Facts

    NUTREN untuk diabetik Nutrition Information   NUTREN untuk diabetik Ingredients   NUTREN untuk diabetik Manufacturer / Importer (Malaysia)   NUTREN untuk diabetik Packaging   Food Source: Malaysia Share us on:

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  • octane_01_Mon
    USA using MON instead of RON rating petrol / fuel

    Any discussion about octane invariably leads to statements from some cars’ owners that their engine performs better when they use the 91 or 93 (or higher) fuel blends in their vehicles. For most modern, computer-controlled cars on the road today, this perception is more mental than it is factual. For classic car owners, octane can

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  • lung_family
    Healthy lungs tips

    Sometimes we take our lungs for granted. They keep us alive and well and for the most part, we don’t need to think about them. That’s why it is important to prioritize your lung health. Your body has a natural defense system designed to protect the lungs, keeping dirt and germs at bay. But there

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  • 1448970954_google
    Google Races to Catch Up in Cloud Computing

    When it comes to cloud computing, Google is in a very unfamiliar position: seriously behind. Google is chasing Amazon and Microsoft for control of the next generation of business technology, in enormous cloud-computing data centers. Cloud systems are cheap and flexible, and companies are quickly shifting their technologies for that environment. According to analysts at

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  • VoLTE1
    The benefits of VoLTE

    In Malaysia, some of the area having Long-term Evolution (LTE) coverage. In other countries, Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) and LTE Advance (LTE-A) is quite common.   However, there are several advantages of implementing VoLTE. These include: (i) Better network experience – 6 times more efficient than 2G and 3 times more efficient compared with 3G;

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  • American 2
    Thailand – American woman performs sex act

    A couple were caught on camera performing a sex act just feet away from a busy tourist-popular street. The shocking incident was recorded by locals outside The Hussin House Hotel on Phi Phi Island, Thailand, believed to involve and Irish man and an American woman. Footage shows a woman wearing a white bikini crouched against

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  • pakistan-stock-exchange
    2016 Pakistan is the hottest equity market in South Asia

    The BRICS grouping is passe and the top emerging markets are losing sheen. Brexit has battered stocks world over and currencies across economies are weakening. In times like these, guess what’s working for the global equity markets? Pakistan. The south Asian nation, mostly in the news for terrorism and political violence, has beaten major Asian

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  • ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    How Engine Auto Start/Stop System Works

    Fuel-saving idle-stop technology explained, and a few myths dispelled Automatic idle-stop is an increasing popular technology installed in a wide-range of new vehicles. Simply put, the system switches off the engine as the car comes to a stop and starts it again when you want to set off (by releasing the clutch or brake, depending

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