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Thailand – American woman performs sex act

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A couple were caught on camera performing a sex act just feet away from a busy tourist-popular street.

The shocking incident was recorded by locals outside The Hussin House Hotel on Phi Phi Island, Thailand, believed to involve and Irish man and an American woman.

Footage shows a woman wearing a white bikini crouched against a wall, performing a sex act on a man.

They are interrupted by locals who are clearly angry at what they are seeing. The man then ‘apologizes’, before getting himself re-dressed.

‘Why are you f****** outside here, man,’ says one man.

‘What are you doing here. What are you smoking, what are you drinking?’

While the man appears apologetic after being ‘caught int he act,’ the woman in the white bikini, who is swaying, appears less repentant as she is heard saying ‘get over it’.

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The two, who are now stood up, are asked by one of the locals where they are from, to which the woman replies she is from ‘America’.

The man then says that he is ‘Irish’.

When they asked where they are staying, the man grabs the woman’s hand, and they quickly make their exit.

Source: Daily Mail



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