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ADS: Outdoor Master Water Filter Selangor Area

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Outdoor Water Filter

Outdoor Water Filter Suitable For Home, Shop, Restaurant, Factory and much much more place.

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Outdoor Master Filter

Call 017-2339135 to get one of it. Complete with installation within Selangor Area

Payment Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.)

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Master Outdoor Water Filter 50 Litres


Body come with 10 Years Warranty. Peace of mind. Body with ultra violet light and corrosion resistant

Valve also come with 1 year warranty.


This Filter Come with 5 Different Filtration Layer

Layer 1: Anthracite Carbon
Layer 2: Zeolite Sand
Layer 3: Fine Gravel
Layer 4: Fine Sand
Layer 5: Coarse Gravel

After install this filter, you don’t need worry about dirty water anymore!!!

Ads by Success Water Filter

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