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How to successfully activate iPhone 5S in IOS 11 by iTunes Restore Method [Solved]


From Youtube:

Hey Guys, with reference to my last 2 videos that iPhone 5S could not activate iPhone.

That IOS version was 11.0.2.
Instead or downgrade, I upgraded to IOS 11.0.3 in restore mode.
Previously I tried to upgrade to IOS 11.0.3 in normal condition was failed.

Then I reset (Erase all content & settings), but end up could not activate iPhone problems happened.

So after tried this, I successfully activate my iPhone.

How to Activate iPhone 5S from iOS 11 with Recovery Mode
Start the upgrade while the iPhone 5S is in Recovery Mode or DFU mode

1. Launch iTunes on the computer
2. Download the iOS 11.0.3 IPSW file for your device that you want to upgrade
3. Put the iPhone into Recovery Mode using the instructions appropriate for your device:
o For iPhone 6s and earlier with a clickable Home button: Press and hold both the Power button and Home button at the same time. Continue holding the buttons down until you see a recovery mode iTunes connect screen (this happens after you see the Apple logo, just keep holding the buttons)
4. With the iPhone in Recovery Mode, connect the device to a computer with iTunes
5. For Mac, OPTION click on “Update” and for Windows SHIFT click on “Update” and select the IPSW file you downloaded in the second step
6. Upgrade or downgrade the device, when the restore is complete choose to setup as new or restore a backup

Here The video:

Failed Video 01:

Failed Video 02:





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