Sunday, 19/11/2017 | 1:55 UTC+8
  • Mohd Yazid (left) conducting a spotcheck at the market in Klang. Image source:
    Klang best and clean wet market

    Klang Municipal Council’s new president Datuk Mohd Yazid Bidin wants traders to maintain a high standard of cleanliness at the Meru wet market there. Mohd Yazid, who had made three spot checks since last month, said the condition of the market was unbearable. “I almost slipped after stepping on a rotten fruit that was on

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  • If Malaysia has signed the TPPA, foreign companies can take action against intervention of business activities, for example the bauxite mining moratorium. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Afif Abd Halim, January 9, 2016.
    Bauxite mining could cause Malaysia in trouble

    The Malaysian government could be sued by foreign corporations if it intervened in their business activities under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, a Universiti Malaya law professor said, using as an example the moratorium on bauxite mining in Pahang to make his point. Law expert, Prof Gurdial Sing Nijar said the Malaysian government would be

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  • Image source: Google Image
    Now Man Can On/Off Their Sperm During Sex. Without CONDOM!!!!

    It’s 2016, and male contraception still ultimately boils down to condoms and vasectomies. Lack of pleasure and surgery. Let’s face it, they’re not exactly terrific options. Researchers are experimenting with pills and injections, but it’s likely to be a while before safe substances are made commercially available. That’s why German inventor Clemens Bimek has created

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    Samsung Smart Fridge, Smart As Tv And Samsung Gear

    It’s been five years since I first saw a smart refrigerator with Internet-connected apps at CES and laughed at the idea. Electronics manufacturers were not moved by my mockery and kept at it. And now, at this year’s CES, Samsung has given the smart-fridge concept an upgrade. Where other smart fridges feature a screen about

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    US: Smart gun technology to reduce unauthorized use of firearms

    As part of executive actions taken today by President Obama, federal agencies will step up research into smart gun technology. Three agencies — the Department of Defense, Justice Department, and the Department of Homeland Security — have been directed by Obama “to conduct or sponsor research into gun safety technology,” with the goal of decreasing

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  • Image source: Google image
    Basketball players were charged with raping a teammate

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — After three basketball players were charged with raping a teammate in an apparent hazing incident, a Tennessee high school has taken the unusual step of canceling the rest of the season, officials say. The Ooltewah High School season has been called off “so that the criminal justice system can work the way

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    A tumor found on Janet Jackson’s vocal chords

    Janet Jackson is bravely facing impending surgery that caused the postponement of her current world tour. But although she told Instagram followers it’s “gon’ be all right,” a source close to the 49-year-old singer told exclusively, “Janet’s family is terrified!” “They are all so scared that Janet may have cancer,” the source said. “The situation

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  • Images source: ChannelNewsAsia
    Technology help Singapore’s companies serve better

    SINGAPORE: The “digital revolution” has changed the way companies in Singapore operate. Companies are beginning to learn more about their customers with the help of new technologies, and this has helped some of them develop better services. For instance, the security cameras at some malls can do more than help staff look out for shoplifters.

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    Fake Anti-Israel and Anti-Palestinian Facebook Pages Created by Israeli ?

    An Israeli legal group has accused Facebook of favoring Palestinians over Israelis following an experiment it conducted using two phony Facebook groups with nearly identical content but with the words “Jews/Israelis” and “Arabs/Palestinians” swapped. Shurat HaDin posted a video showing highlights of what it called “The Big Facebook Experiment,” which it believes shows that Facebook’s

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