Saturday, 15/12/2018 | 5:49 UTC+8
  • ESC
    Do you know what is ESC?

    Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps drivers to avoid crashes by reducing the danger of skidding, or losing control as a result of over-steering. ESC becomes active when a driver loses control of their car. It uses computer controlled technology to apply individual brakes and help bring the car safely back on track, without the danger

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  • Chance of KL quake remote

    PETALING JAYA: Although chances are remote, experts agree that the possibility of the big one hitting Kuala Lumpur cannot be ruled out. Universiti Malaya Geology Department Assoc Prof Mustaffa Kamal Shuib said although Malaysia was located outside the Pacific Ring of Fire, an ancient fault line under Kuala Lumpur could reactivate due to tectonic pressure.

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  • 7.5 million litres of RON95 petrol has gone missing

    KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian-registered tanker carrying nearly 7.5 million litres of RON95 petrol has gone missing in the waters off Johor’s east coast. Enforcement officials are now searching for the missing tanker, which became uncontactable some 31.5km (17 nautical miles) off Pulau Aur since 8.54pm last Thursday. MT Orkim Harmony was sailing from Malacca to

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  • Over RM6bil GST collected

    KUALA LUMPUR: More than RM6 billion in Goods and Services Tax (GST) were recorded, Dewan Rakyat told. Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan said of the amount recorded yesterday, some RM3.36 billion of were from imports, while RM2.9 billion were GST net. “A total of447,236 business premises were checked between April 1 and June 1.

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  • Ringgit
    What is the impact of weakening ringgit?

    Since goods and services will be cheaper due to fall in the Malaysian ringgit. Thus, would boost exports and encourage foreign tourists to visit Malaysia. The sliding local currency brings both good and bad to the domestic economy The weakening of the ringgit or rather the rise of the US dollar against the rest of

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  • High-Speed Rail (HSR), no room for error

    KUALA LUMPUR: After years of discussion, the only thing that is now “pretty much decided” about the much vaunted and highly anticipated 330km high speed rail (HSR) that will halve the door-to-door travel time from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, is that the alignment will run through Nusajaya, Muar, Batu Pahat, Melaka, Seremban and Putrajaya, according

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  • Top 10 most common types of fathers

    WHILE we make a big show about honouring our mums on Mothers Day, fathers are celebrated with less pomp, even though they play an equally important role in raising us and caring for the family. Since Fathers Day is just around the corner, we pays tribute to the dads in our lives with a list

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  • Sabah hit by another earthquake

    Sabah has been hit by another earthquake this morning, eight days after the first incident claimed 18 lives.The Malaysian Meteorological Department reported on its Facebook page that the earthquake measuring Share us on:

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