Saturday, 19/1/2019 | 9:47 UTC+8
  • Work and Travel : Sounds good? Let’s go for a tour!

    Travel around the world is almost everyone’s dream. Sounds good to be true but there is a price to pay for it. While you get to ride on a flexi based tour around, there is a need to support your expenses along the way. You may wonder how but there is a solution to it! Work

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  • What does your height says about your health?

    Small comfort for all the short and tall women out there: There isn’t a perfect height for your health. Turns out, extra inches lower your risk of some common health problems, but increase the odds of others. Sigh. Here’s the long and short of it: When Short Is Sweet (Photo: Getty Images) You’re not as

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  • Any media commercial for this brand of milk?

    Have you come across any advertisement or media commercial on breast milk on the ever famous TV channel that you frequently watch? Have you come across any sponsorship from this brand of milk which is named as breast milk for any baby expo, baby fair or paed’s clinic? Ever wonder how the giants of branded formula

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  • What is Silent Reflux?

    Silent reflux can be very confusing; there may be no obvious signs of gastro-oesophageal reflux (such as vomiting) and the child generally isn’t ‘silent’. Silent reflux refers to refluxed material that flows back into the oesophagus, but isn’t forced out of the mouth. The child may swallow it back down or the stomach contents/stomach acids

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  • 18 fun things you can print out for your amusement

    These amazing DIY ideas are great for kids and adults. Fun activities for family or friends! Seeing that most of us are so caught up with  electronic gadgets nowadays, why not take some time off to try below activities and indulge in the paper world? Back to old school A globe Plan vacations and mark your dreamscape

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