Saturday, 19/1/2019 | 9:49 UTC+8
  • Proton-Boyue
    PROTON Boyue 2018 has been sighted at PROTON Centre of Excellence (CoE)

    PROTON Boyue 2018  has been sighted at PROTON Centre of Excellence (CoE) Please Watch The Video For The Car PROTON BOYUE 2018 Coming Soon Price Estimated Below 100k For 2.0 Litre Engine. Details Not yet Disclose by Proton This Will Be First SUV For Proton National Car Maker By Share us on:

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  • p23
    Honda CR-V 2017 Interior and Exterior Photo (USA)

    Latest HONDA CR-V 2017 Model Exterior Photo Honda CR-V 2017 Front Grill Honda CR-V 2017 Front Honda CR-V Rear Look   Honda CR-V 2017 Exhaust Pipe   Honda CR-V 2017 Car Key with smart entry key-less system Honda CR-V 2017 Car Key with smart entry key-less system – 2 Just a Touch To Unlock the

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  • octane_01_Mon
    USA using MON instead of RON rating petrol / fuel

    Any discussion about octane invariably leads to statements from some cars’ owners that their engine performs better when they use the 91 or 93 (or higher) fuel blends in their vehicles. For most modern, computer-controlled cars on the road today, this perception is more mental than it is factual. For classic car owners, octane can

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    How Engine Auto Start/Stop System Works

    Fuel-saving idle-stop technology explained, and a few myths dispelled Automatic idle-stop is an increasing popular technology installed in a wide-range of new vehicles. Simply put, the system switches off the engine as the car comes to a stop and starts it again when you want to set off (by releasing the clutch or brake, depending

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  • ali01
    Alibaba’s first smart car

    After more than a year of development, Alibaba’s first “internet car,” the Car’OS RX5 sport utility vehicle, is available for pre-order in China. The SUV costs the equivalent of $22,230 (as a base price) and deliveries are expected to roll out in August. Alibaba partnered with China’s largest automaker, the state-owned SAIC Motor Corp., to

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  • baidu03
    Chinese Internet Giant Baidu plan to commercialise driverless car on 2021

    China’s internet-search giant Baidu is planning to mass produce driverless electric cars in five years, bringing the fight to Google and Apple . The company, which currently holds 80% of the internet-search market in China, will not manufacture the cars itself. Instead, it will outsource the actual production to an existing Chinese automaker, in the same

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  • nissanLogo
    Nissan Motor India Now Focus On SUV and Crossovers

    MUMBAI: Nissan Motor India is shifting its focus in India to sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and crossovers, as the Japanese auto maker looks to throttle up performance in a market where it has so far fallen way short of expectations. Post Tuesday’s launch of the Datsun Redi-GO, a crossover hatchback, Nissan Motor India has at

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  • Image source: Google Image
    Toyota focus on hybrid vehicle at Delhi Auto Expo

    With the odd-even scheme in the Capital spiking demand for its Camry hybrid sedan amid rising concerns over pollution, Toyota Kirloskar Motor is looking to showcase its prowess in automobiles with alternate fuel technologies at the upcoming Delhi Auto Expo. The company which will launch two new vehicles, including the all-new version of MPV Innova,

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  • Toyota logo. Image source: Google image
    Toyota was the Canada’s largest auto manufacturer for year 2015

    Toyota Motor Corp. is poised to win the title of Canada’s largest vehicle producer in 2015 – the first time it has done so and the first year a company other than one of the Detroit Three auto makers has built the most vehicles in Canada. The two Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. plants –

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