Wednesday, 20/2/2019 | 12:30 UTC+8
  • pigman-
    Human Organs Create From Pig ?

    Scientists in the United States are trying to grow human organs inside pigs. They have injected human stem cells into pig embryos to produce human-pig embryos known as chimeras. The embryos are part of research aimed at overcoming the worldwide shortage of transplant organs. The team from University of California, Davis says they should look

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    Rap music leads you to sex

    Listening to rap music frequently can lead to having early sex in teenagers, warn researchers, adding that rap music is more likely to have sexually explicit messages than other music genres. According to researchers from the University of Texas’ health science center at Houston (UTHealth), when middle school youth listen to rap music for three

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    Risk of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

    Breast reconstruction surgery is an option for women who have had their breasts surgically removed through mastectomy. However, many are unaware of the risks and complications linked to the procedure. Researchers at the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center address the disadvantageslinked to the process in their recent study. While statistics show that the number of

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    Now Man Can On/Off Their Sperm During Sex. Without CONDOM!!!!

    It’s 2016, and male contraception still ultimately boils down to condoms and vasectomies. Lack of pleasure and surgery. Let’s face it, they’re not exactly terrific options. Researchers are experimenting with pills and injections, but it’s likely to be a while before safe substances are made commercially available. That’s why German inventor Clemens Bimek has created

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  • Smart_Bra02
    Smart Bra, made by Canadian company

    One of the trends we’re expecting to see more of at CES is wearable technology built directly into clothing — something that comes with its own practical constraints (like washing it) but could ultimately be more useful than a wrist device that ends up in a drawer. Something that you wear all the time anyway.

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  • Guest
    The houseguest: ‘I need sex, two, three times a day’

    My first thought is that he is a supermodel and she must be his poor assistant. Hans and Rita have come from Düsseldorf to visit a sick friend and want to stay for a week. Hans immediately removes his shirt and jumper, kicks off his shoes, vaults over the back of the sofa and plonks

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  • Robot
    Sex robots should be BANNED

    A leading robot ethicist has warned that ‘sexbots’ could seriously damage human relationships. Experts hope to use artificial intelligence to create lifelike machines that can talk and have sex like a human. However, Dr Kathleen Richardson told the BBC the technology is ‘unnecessary and undesirable’. ‘Sex robots seem to be a growing focus in the

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  • Baby Crying
    Low Milk Supply? Don’t Give Up Breastfeeding Just Yet

    If you’re breastfeeding a baby and worried that you aren’t making enough milk, there’s something you need to know: You may not actually have a problem with your milk supply—and if you do, there are better solutions out there than the quick fixes that friends and family might offer. According to a study in Pediatrics,

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  • A view of Butterworth Outer Ring Road Bridge which partly visible due to haze.
    Penang hit by haze

    GEORGE TOWN: Penangites woke up to a hazy morning with the horizontal visibility level decreased sharply in Bayan Lepas, Penang. The Malaysian Meteorological Department monitoring station in Bayan Lepas showed the visibility level decreasing from 7km at 8am to 4km at 11am. The monitoring station in Butterworth also showed a decrease in horizontal visibility level

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  • Researchers are testing an alternative to liver transplantation that supports healing and regeneration of the injured liver. Photo: TNS
    No more liver transplants if this treatment works

    For people who experience acute liver failure, the only proven treatment has been liver transplantation. Researchers at Mayo Clinic in the US have developed and are testing an alternative to liver transplantation called the Spheroid Reservoir Bioartificial Liver that can support healing and regeneration of the injured liver, and improve outcomes and reduce mortality rates for

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