Friday, 19/1/2018 | 5:14 UTC+8
  • Tide Tables
    Tide Tables (Jadual Pasang Surut) Malaysia 2017

    Boleh didapati di Pusat Hidrografi Nasional (National Hydrographic Centre) Malaysia Lebuh Sungai Chandong, Bandar Armada Putra, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor Tide Tables Jadual Pasang Surut Malaysia 2017 RM50 Share us on:

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  • DASH
    DASH & SUKE Highways – Contractor

    DASH (Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway) SUKE (Sungai Besi-Ulu Kelang Elevated Expressway) Please refer below awarded packages for contractors:- DASH Package Contractor CA1 USAHASAMA MONZA-LATIMER JV CA2 PERKASA JAUHARI S/B CA3 JOHAWAKI S/B CA4 PANZANA ENTERPRISE S/B CB1 ACRE WORKS S/B CB2 SYSTEM ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION S/B CB3 HRA TEGUH S/B CB4 PERTAMA MAKMUR-CHEC JV SUKE

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  • 1448970954_google
    Google Races to Catch Up in Cloud Computing

    When it comes to cloud computing, Google is in a very unfamiliar position: seriously behind. Google is chasing Amazon and Microsoft for control of the next generation of business technology, in enormous cloud-computing data centers. Cloud systems are cheap and flexible, and companies are quickly shifting their technologies for that environment. According to analysts at

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  • VoLTE1
    The benefits of VoLTE

    In Malaysia, some of the area having Long-term Evolution (LTE) coverage. In other countries, Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) and LTE Advance (LTE-A) is quite common.   However, there are several advantages of implementing VoLTE. These include: (i) Better network experience – 6 times more efficient than 2G and 3 times more efficient compared with 3G;

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  • 01
    Baidu founder’s inspiring letter to employees

    It’s no secret that Baidu has become embroiled in a controversy more serious than any the company has faced before. Whether it’s fair or not, users are raging at the company and its business practices after a public complaint posted by Wei Zexi, a young cancer victim who was tricked into an expensive but worthless

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  • RGX4400_02
    TM UNIFI Innacomm RGX4400 Router Login

    Hi We are are to let you all know about the latest unifi Innacomm RGX4400 Router. Innacomm RGX 4400 Router Specification: !User manual download at end of page SDRAM/Serial Flash: 128MB/32MB Standards: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz  | IEEE 802.11a/n/ac 5GHz Wireless Frequency Range: 2.4~2.4835 GHz 5.15~5.85 GHz Wireless Transmission Power (MAX) : # 11n: 22 dBm # 11g: 23 dBm # 11b: 24 dBm Antenna: 4

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  • ali01
    Alibaba’s first smart car

    After more than a year of development, Alibaba’s first “internet car,” the Car’OS RX5 sport utility vehicle, is available for pre-order in China. The SUV costs the equivalent of $22,230 (as a base price) and deliveries are expected to roll out in August. Alibaba partnered with China’s largest automaker, the state-owned SAIC Motor Corp., to

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  • baidu03
    Chinese Internet Giant Baidu plan to commercialise driverless car on 2021

    China’s internet-search giant Baidu is planning to mass produce driverless electric cars in five years, bringing the fight to Google and Apple . The company, which currently holds 80% of the internet-search market in China, will not manufacture the cars itself. Instead, it will outsource the actual production to an existing Chinese automaker, in the same

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  • plastic-recycling
    Convert recycle plastic into fuel

    Irvine, Calif., June 21, 2016 – A new way of recycling millions of tons of plastic garbage into liquid fuel has been devised by researchers from the University of California, Irvine and the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC) in China. “Synthetic plastics are a fundamental part of modern life, but our use of them

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