Friday, 19/1/2018 | 5:14 UTC+8
  • xiaomi3s_01
    Latest Xiaomi Redmi 3s With Fingerprint Reader

    Xiaomi is definitely not one to lag behind and since Meizu just updated its competitive offer – the Meizu m3s, it comes as no surprise that an upgraded Xiaomi Redmi 3 was also made official. It bears the Redmi 3s moniker and adds even more value to its affordable asking price. The Xiaomi Redmi 3s

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  • Google Images
    North Korean Hacked Into South Korean Computer

    North Korea hacked into more than 140,000 computers at 160 South Korean firms and government agencies, planting malicious code under a long-term plan laying groundwork for a massive cyber attack against its rival, police in the South said on Monday. South Korea has been on heightened alert against cyber attacks by the North after Pyongyang

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  • Juno_app
    JUNO – Clone Of UBER

    Juno, the “stealth startup” that plans to take on Uber by being nicer to drivers, only opened its beta to the New York public in mid-May, but it’s already blending into the city’s ride-hailing scene. Juno is luring drivers by only taking commissions of 10% (Uber’s take ranges from 20-28%), and riders with 35% discounts.

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  • maria01
    Japanese adult film star Maria Ozawa decided to stay in the Philippines

    IN A DEVELOPMENT that is sure to make her legions of fans happy, adult video icon Maria Ozawa has apparently decided to stay in the Philippines on a more permanent basis. Why? Well, because of business, of course. The Japanese internet sensation—who has since retired from the adult video industry—is now one of eight partners

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  • Huawei-HQ
    Huawei Aim To Become World’s No.1 Smartphone Maker On Next 5 Years

    China’s Huawei Technologies Co. aims to overtake Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc. within the next five years to become the world’s biggest smartphone maker with a market share of over 25%, a senior executive said. “We want to be the number-one smartphone maker in the world. It’s a long distance race, and we have

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  • Hyperloop
    Hyperloop Superfast Future Land Transportation

    Hyperloop Superfast tube system will take people across the continent in just 25 minutes by 2020 The future of high speed transport in America could also be heading for Europe. The Hyperloop transportation system, dreamed up by Elon Musk in 2013, is set to be installed in Bratislava as soon as 2020. Slovakia is planning

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  • 8kTv
    Japan 8K TV broadcasting on this coming 2016 Olympics

    Last October, Sharp became the first electronics company to release an 8K television set, selling the 85-inch monitor for around $140,000 (¥16 million). Those who bought that TV, or one of the few other sets on the market, will finally have something to watch in the 7,680×4,320-pixel 8K resolution come August. The Olympics Broadcasting Services

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  • Source: google Images
    Hacking a phone’s fingerprint sensor just need a printer and a paper

    MSU Computer Science researchers Kai Cao and Anil K Jain published a new paper describing a <$500 method for using a 300dpi scan of a fingerprint (which can be captured from a fingerprint sensor itself) to produce a working replica printed with conductive ink fed through a normal inkjet printer, in a prodcedure that takes

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