Saturday, 19/1/2019 | 9:43 UTC+8
  • osaka01
    Tallest Ferris Wheel Now Opens in Osaka, Japan

    OSAKA – Japan’s tallest Ferris wheel started operating Friday at a large commercial complex in Suita, Osaka, Ferris Wheel Investment Co. said. The Redhorse Osaka Wheel stands 123 meters high over Expocity, a retail and entertainment complex that opened last November at Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, the site of the 1970 World Exposition. “I was

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  • Japan-South-Korea
    Korean residents in Osaka file complaint against hate speech

    OSAKA —An Osaka-based group of Korean residents filed a complaint with the city of Osaka against those who posted footage of hate speech rallies and offensive comments online. The move comes as Japan’s first ordinance to deter racist propaganda came into effect the same day, enabling the city of Osaka to publicly disclose on its

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  • 8kTv
    Japan 8K TV broadcasting on this coming 2016 Olympics

    Last October, Sharp became the first electronics company to release an 8K television set, selling the 85-inch monitor for around $140,000 (¥16 million). Those who bought that TV, or one of the few other sets on the market, will finally have something to watch in the 7,680×4,320-pixel 8K resolution come August. The Olympics Broadcasting Services

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  • cyberattack-google2
    Japan work hard to counter cyberattacks

    TOKYO-The Japanese government plans to both increase the number and expand the scale of exercises to counter cyberattacks as part of preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, government sources said Saturday. The drills, now held about six times a year and involving central government ministry and agency officials, will be increased to at least 10

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  • pepper-japanese-robot
    Jangan melakukan hubungan seks dengan robot kami, syarikat Jepun memberi amaran kepada pengguna

    Syarikat Jepun, robot humanoid Pepper telah memberitahu pemiliknya untuk tidak lincah dengannya. Dalam perjanjian pengguna dengan android, firma telefon mudah alih SoftBank menyatakan: “Pemilik polisi tidak boleh melakukan apa-apa perbuatan seksual atau kelakuan tidak senonoh dan lain-lain” pada mesin, yang direka untuk hidup dengan manusia. Pepper telah dihasilkan dengan kerjasama syarikat robotik Perancis Aldebaran SA

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  • Mr Hakubun Shimomura, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Minister of Olympic and Paralympic Games of Japan. Photo: Reuters
    Japan to start new Olympic stadium construction next year

    TOKYO — Japan will start construction of a new centrepiece stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next January or February, sports minister Mr Hakubun Shimomura said today (July 21). After crafting a new plan, including costs and functions needed, for the national stadium by this fall, Japan will choose a new design and

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  • This artist rendering released by Japan Sport Council shows the new National Stadium, the main venue Tokyo plans to build for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Photo: AP
    Criticism mounts over stadium cost for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

    TOKYO — Japan’s government is on the defensive as criticism mounts over the spiralling cost to build the main stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Newly appointed Olympics Minister Toshiaki Endo acknowledged today (July 14) that the latest estimate of 252 billion yen (S$2.8 billion) represents a “substantial increase” from the initial estimate of 162.5

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  • Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata dies of cancer at 55

    Nintendo’s chief executive has died of cancer at the age of 55, it said Monday, in an upheaval for the Japanese videogame giant just months after abandoning a consoles-only policy and launching a push into the booming smartphone games market. The Kyoto-based firm said Satoru Iwata passed away on Saturday, with analysts warning that his

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  • Climbers make their way as a route to climb Mount Fuji on the Shizuoka prefecture side opened for climbing season in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka prefecture, central Japan Friday, July 10, 2015. Photo: Kyodo News via AP
    Japan launches free Wi-Fi on Mount Fuji

    TOKYO — Climbers who reach the summit of Mount Fuji will now be able to share their achievement via free Wi-Fi. A Japanese mobile phone network says it will begin offering the service today (July 10) at eight hotspots on Japan’s most famous mountain, including the 3,776-metre summit. The initiative is aimed at attracting more

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  • An event last year to bid farewell to Tokyo’s National Olympic Stadium. The city is in dispute with the government over who should pay for the new stadium. Photo: REUTERS
    Tokyo faces a bleak future after 2020 Olympics

    TOKYO — Half a century ago, the Tokyo Olympics ushered in a golden age for Japan’s capital, as industrial prowess had made it the largest urban complex in history. Now, the Games are returning to mark the end of that growth. “This will be the final festival,” said Mr Yasunari Ueno, 52, Tokyo-based chief market

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