Tuesday, 23/10/2018 | 5:29 UTC+8
  • Images source: scmp.com
    Vietnam warns Beijing over air safety threat

    Hanoi says China flew over its air space to reach contested Spratly Islands, lodges complaint with United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization. Vietnam’s civil aviation authority has accused Beijing of threatening regional air safety by conducting unannounced flights through its airspace to a disputed reef in the South China Sea, state media said Saturday. The

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  • cyberattack-google2
    Japan work hard to counter cyberattacks

    TOKYO-The Japanese government plans to both increase the number and expand the scale of exercises to counter cyberattacks as part of preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, government sources said Saturday. The drills, now held about six times a year and involving central government ministry and agency officials, will be increased to at least 10

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  • Suami
    Tahan dan rogol suami

    SEOUL – Seorang lelaki di Korea Selatan mengalami detik hitam dalam hidupnya apabila dikurung selama 29 jam di rumah dan dirogol oleh isterinya sendiri. Pejabat Pusat Pendakwa Raya Seoul berkata, wanita berusia 40 tahun itu menghadapi pertuduhan merogol suaminya, kes pertama yang berlaku di Korea Selatan membabitkan seorang isteri merogol suami. Kenyataan tersebut menambah, wanita

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  • Bear
    Pemilik haiwan kesayangan terkejut dua anak anjing dibeli dua tahun sebenarnya…

    Seorang lelaki dari China dalam satu kejutan besar apabila dia mendapati bahawa anjing haiwan kesayangan dia sebenarnya, beruang. Wang Kayui, dari Kampung Yunnan, membeli anak anjing dua tahun lalu daripada seorang lelaki Vietnam, ketika dia menanam pokok pisang di atas sempadan di China dan Vietnam. Walaubagaimanapun, dia membaca beberapa risalah pemuliharaan yang dia sedar bahawa

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  • pepper-japanese-robot
    Jangan melakukan hubungan seks dengan robot kami, syarikat Jepun memberi amaran kepada pengguna

    Syarikat Jepun, robot humanoid Pepper telah memberitahu pemiliknya untuk tidak lincah dengannya. Dalam perjanjian pengguna dengan android, firma telefon mudah alih SoftBank menyatakan: “Pemilik polisi tidak boleh melakukan apa-apa perbuatan seksual atau kelakuan tidak senonoh dan lain-lain” pada mesin, yang direka untuk hidup dengan manusia. Pepper telah dihasilkan dengan kerjasama syarikat robotik Perancis Aldebaran SA

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  • A model poses with the Samsung Electronics Galaxy S6, right, and Galaxy S6 Edge, left, smartphones during a launch event at the company's headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, on April 9, 2015. Photo: AP
    Samsung to cut 10% of head office staff: newspaper

    SEOUL — Samsung Electronics is preparing to cut 10 per cent of workers at its headquarters, according to a Korean newspaper, as the world’s biggest smartphone maker loses sales to Apple and Chinese vendors. Samsung is targeting workers in the human resources, public relations and finance departments, Korea Economic Daily reported today (Sept 8), citing

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  • People watch a TV news program showing South Korean Coast Guard officers search for missing passengers after a fishing boat capsized in the water off north of the resort island of Jeju, at Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea, Sunday, Sept 6, 2015. Photo: AP
    South Korean fishing boat capsizes; at least 10 dead

    SEOUL – At least 10 people died and about eight were missing after a South Korean fishing boat capsized, a coast guard official and media reports said on Sunday. The boat was found capsized earlier this morning, after it lost radio contact late on Saturday, a coast guard official in the southern island of Jeju

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  • jackma
    China’s Jack Ma spreads his wings

    The Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. in partnership with the State run North Industries Group Corp or Norinco, a military industry heavyweight, has formed a joint venture company, with a tie up with Beidou Navigation Satellite system. Jack Ma’s Ali Baba group, an e-commerce giant, is expanding its hi-tech footprint to cover satellite navigation and quantum

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  • Japanese porn star Yui Hatano in two versions of travel cards -- "Angels" (L) and "Demons" -- pictured in undated photos released by EasyCard Corporation in Taiwan on September 1, 2015. - AFP
    Taiwan ‘porn star’ travel cards sell out amid controversy

    TAIPEI – Thousands of prepaid travel cards featuring a popular Japanese porn star sold out in a matter of hours in Taipei on Tuesday, despite a groundswell of objection from women’s groups and politicians. All 30,000 commuter cards featuring Yui Hatano were sold by 4:18 am local time after going on sale at midnight, the

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  • Visitors at a Samsung showroom in Seoul. The company, South Korea’s biggest in terms of sales, said last month that it would offer a one-year optional sabbatical for those who have been working for more than three years. Photo: AP
    Workaholic South Koreans to take more time off

    SEOUL — Mr Park Hee-jung, a 34-year-old pharmaceutical researcher, took an 11-day holiday in May to travel to Croatia and Bosnia with his girlfriend — a relatively long vacation inconceivable for many South Koreans who remain world-champion workaholics. “It was so good to take a long vacation, but I am stressed out again because of

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