Thursday, 21/2/2019 | 6:55 UTC+8
  • Thailand: Chinese tourist dies after snorkeling

    A 60-year-old Chinese man collapsed and died while snorkelling around coral reefs with other tourists at Koh Sak off Pattaya in Chon Buri province on Friday afternoon, police said. The Chinese national (name withheld) was taken to a boat after he passed out in the water off the island and given first aid before being

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  • A rice paddy cracks in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand in this July 2, 2015 photo. Photo: AP
    Thai farmers told to wait for rain, save water for public

    BANGKOK — Thailand’s prime minister is telling farmers to stop using water in agriculture to save it for public consumption, as the capital remains spared from the worst droughts in decades. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said Wednesday that farmers should wait for rain as the government shifts its focus during the drought from agriculture to

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  • A Chinese navy submarine. Reuters file photo
    Thailand puts 36 bil Baht Chinese submarines purchase on hold

    BANGKOK — Thailand has put on hold the purchase of submarines from China, the Thai defence minister said today (July 15), raising questions about its commitment to acquiring its first such vessels. Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan said this month the navy had approved a 36 billion baht plan to buy three submarines from China. Thailand,

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  • 22889333
    Hit by drought and seawater, Bangkok tap water may run out in a month

    BANGKOK — Bangkok’s tap water supply may run out in a month, as the country waits for long overdue rains to replenish sources depleted by drought and threatened by seawater creep, the chief of the capital’s water authority said. Thailand is suffering its worst drought in more than a decade. In an effort to maintain

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  • Children queuing up to wash their hands using Labobo. Photo: Facebook/WaterSHED
    A playful, portable sink to boost handwashing hygiene in Cambodia

    BANGKOK — A small plastic box decorated with smiling frogs and a bright green logo, Labobo looks like a toy, but it could help prevent thousands of people from getting sick with diarrhoea and other diseases. The portable plastic sink aims to encourage regular hand washing, in particular after using a toilet and before preparing

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  • Thai farmers use Doraemon to pray for rain

    PHRAE (Thailand) — Farmers in the drought-hit Nong Muang Khai district yesterday (June 29) used a doll of the popular Japanese robot cat Doraemon in a ritual to ask the deities for rain, instead of the traditional black cat to avoid animal abuse allegations. The drought-affected corn growers in tambon Wang Luang put a Doraemon

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  • Bangkok sinking 10mm every year

    BANGKOK — Bangkok is sinking an average 10mm per year and the subsidence could reach a critical level unless the problem is tackled, a leading water engineer warned today (June 19). Groundwater extraction, the natural movements of the earth’s crust and construction of high-rise buildings were factors that caused Bangkok to sink, Mr Sujarit Khoonthanakulwong,

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  • Thai_mers
    Thailand: Red Alert for MERS Threat

    As South Korea reels under crisis, Public Health Ministry Thailand to add disease to danger list THAILAND is swinging into full alert against the killer Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) threat, which has already had serious impacts on South Korea, compelling the country to cut its interest rate in a bid to soften the blow

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  • thailand
    Chuo Senko Thailand restructures to shore up stagnating ad-agency revenue

    FACED with a stagnating advertising market, Chuo Senko (Thailand) has spun off its core business to a new subsidiary, Chuo Senko Advertising (Thailand), and transformed another subsidiary, Wonder Asia, an event organiser, into an advertising agency to land new clients. Thailand Shuji Okawa, president and chief executive officer of Chuo Senko (Thailand), said yesterday that

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