Saturday, 19/1/2019 | 9:45 UTC+8
  • Smart Phone
    Ground-level traffic lights for Australian

    SYDNEY — Ground-level traffic lights for pedestrians constantly looking down at smartphones are set to be trialled in Sydney as Australian authorities seek to drive down the road death toll. It comes amid alarm about rising road fatalities this year, with officials launching the “Towards Zero” advertising campaign this week to increase awareness about accident

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    9 people bitten by snakes in Queensland, Australia

    Nine people have been treated by paramedics or hospitalised after being bitten by snakes across Queensland in a 36-hour period. Among those was a woman in her 30s who was fighting for her life after being bitten on the ankle while walking along a track at Agnes Waters, near Gladstone, about 3:00pm this afternoon. A

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  • Sex Offence
    8 Australian men charged with 500 sex offences against girl

    PERTH — An Australian man was accused on July 29 of allowing seven men to sexually abuse his 13-year-old daughter over the past two years, with police charging all eight men with more than 500 child sex offences. Western Australia police arrested the men after receiving a tip-off from the public. Police say the father

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  • House
    The Cheap Houses of the future

    AUSTRALIANS may soon be living in 3D printed houses with the technology now available to make this a reality. Dr Hank Haeusler, senior architecture lecturer at the University of NSW, said building a 3D printed house was technically possible but the key was finding the right client, developer and builders to construct a property. “I

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  • Sydney Opera House. Photo: Reuters
    Rich and American? Australia wants you

    SYDNEY — Flushed with the success of a millionaire visa programme to attract wealthy Chinese, Australia is now promising citizenship to rich Americans who are willing to bring their cash and entrepreneurial talent Down Under. But there’s a rather large catch: Participants in the invitation-only Premium Investment Visa scheme will need to invest A$15 million

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  • This handout photo provided by Arthur Georges, University of Canberra, Australia, taken in October 2014, in Eulo, Queensland, Australia, shows a bearded dragon lizard. Photo: AP
    Too hot: Temperatures messing with sex of Australian lizards

    WASHINGTON — Hotter temperatures are messing with the gender of Australia’s bearded dragon lizards, a new study finds. Dragons that are genetically male hatch as females and give birth to other lizards. And the way the lizards’ gender is determined is getting changed so much that the female sex chromosome may eventually disappear entirely, the

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