Saturday, 15/12/2018 | 5:49 UTC+8
  • Mr Hakubun Shimomura, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Minister of Olympic and Paralympic Games of Japan. Photo: Reuters
    Japan to start new Olympic stadium construction next year

    TOKYO — Japan will start construction of a new centrepiece stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next January or February, sports minister Mr Hakubun Shimomura said today (July 21). After crafting a new plan, including costs and functions needed, for the national stadium by this fall, Japan will choose a new design and

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  • This artist rendering released by Japan Sport Council shows the new National Stadium, the main venue Tokyo plans to build for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Photo: AP
    Criticism mounts over stadium cost for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

    TOKYO — Japan’s government is on the defensive as criticism mounts over the spiralling cost to build the main stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Newly appointed Olympics Minister Toshiaki Endo acknowledged today (July 14) that the latest estimate of 252 billion yen (S$2.8 billion) represents a “substantial increase” from the initial estimate of 162.5

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  • An event last year to bid farewell to Tokyo’s National Olympic Stadium. The city is in dispute with the government over who should pay for the new stadium. Photo: REUTERS
    Tokyo faces a bleak future after 2020 Olympics

    TOKYO — Half a century ago, the Tokyo Olympics ushered in a golden age for Japan’s capital, as industrial prowess had made it the largest urban complex in history. Now, the Games are returning to mark the end of that growth. “This will be the final festival,” said Mr Yasunari Ueno, 52, Tokyo-based chief market

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  • Is your salary enough to afford for a car?

    Car accidents can happen at any time (or place) even if you’re an ultra safe driver. While the fault may not always be yours (or so you tell yourself), the cost of the damages could very well be yours to bear. But wait, I have car insurance, aren’t I protected from any damage arising from

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